How do bed bugs travel?

How Bed Bugs Travel & Why You Need To Know   How do bed bugs travel? A great question, and one we get often. The short answer is that bed bugs travel on people and in their possessions. Now, bed bugs aren't like other pests…

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Spider Control

This is the image many of us get when we think of spider control. Big, scary, man-eating, blood-sucking beasts that wait for you to let your guard down, so they can pounce! Right? Well, wrong. Spiders are an extremely beneficial arthropod, that help us get…

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Flea Control

With Labor Day behind us, we say goodbye to another Summer. Unfortunately, the fleas aren't done for the season. Fleas typically start to become a problem in mid to late spring and peak over the summer. We are still in that peak flea season, and…

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