Termite Letter – CL100 Inspections

Do you need a CL-100 / Termite Letter / Wood Infestation Report?

What is a CL-100 (Termite Letter / Termite Inspection)? A CL-100 is actually much more than a Termite Letter. It is actually the Official South Carolina Wood Infestation Report. A CL-100 can only be performed by a Qualified, Licensed South Carolina Inspector. The inspector is required to carefully inspect for Termites, Other Wood Destroying Insects, and Fungi. The inspection for fungi or fungi damage commonly called water damaged wood, rot or decay is limited to the areas below the first main floor of the structure. This report specifically excludes hidden areas and areas not readily accessible.

If there is any evidence of active infestation or past infestation of termites or other wood destroying insects or fungi, it must be reported in this letter. Any visible damage in the accessible areas will be reported in detail. Many banks, lenders, and buyers will require any problems be corrected before buying a property. If there are problems that need to be corrected we will quote the work to be done at the time of doing the CL-100. Sometimes a builder or qualified engineer may need to provide their opinion on whether there is structural damage to the property.

Wood moisture content is another big thing that is being looked for when performing a CL-100. A properly vented crawlspace should read a moisture level of 18% or lower. If over 20% there will probably be some type of moisture control required. This could be anything from opening vents to needing a moisture barrier installed. For quick removal of moisture from a crawlspace some home owners may opt for dehumidification power vents to be installed.

Walker Pest Management works closely with many of the area realtors. We are here to make sure that you, as the buyer of a new or old home, get what you are looking for and that you are not buying a home with problems. The last thing you want to do after moving into a home is find out there are termites, or moisture problems. Let us set your mind at ease.

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Click Below to view a sample of the CL-100 report.

wood infestation report