Termite Control in Winter

Termites in the winter? Are termites still active in winter? Is it necessary to perform a termite treatment in winter? What is the best time of year to perform termite control? These are just a few of the questions we get asked quite often regarding…

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How do bed bugs travel?

How Bed Bugs Travel & Why You Need To Know   How do bed bugs travel? A great question, and one we get often. The short answer is that bed bugs travel on people and in their possessions. Now, bed bugs aren't like other pests…

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Winter Pests

How do pests survive the cold temperatures of winter? Well, the short answer is, many do not. However, this depends highly on where you live and what type of winter pest we're talking about. If you live in South Florida, for instance, the temperatures rarely…

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Spider Control

This is the image many of us get when we think of spider control. Big, scary, man-eating, blood-sucking beasts that wait for you to let your guard down, so they can pounce! Right? Well, wrong. Spiders are an extremely beneficial arthropod, that help us get…

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Flea Control

With Labor Day behind us, we say goodbye to another Summer. Unfortunately, the fleas aren't done for the season. Fleas typically start to become a problem in mid to late spring and peak over the summer. We are still in that peak flea season, and…

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